Granite is truly a unique material that oozes elegance and style. It has been used for many centuries in the construction of some of the world's most famous buildings and artworks and has now become the material of choice for those wanting an attractive, unique and practical kitchen worktop surface. 

Go Stone have been supplying Granite worktops to customers in the UK for many years and have become one of the largest stockists of Granite in the North. We believe in providing affordable products and thanks to our established relationships with worldwide importers are able offer Granite worktops at an affordable price, all whilst never compromising on style, selection or quality. 

What is Granite?

Granite is a type of rock formed from cooled magma (solidified lava) and consists of mica, quartz and feldspar and other minerals. It has a unique character and colour due to its natural origin and is known for its wave-like veins and speckles. Each piece of Granite is unique, and can be a variety of colours including black, red, brown and blue, all dependent on the composition.

Why Choose Granite as Your Worktop Material?

Due to its great resistance to both hot and cold, and its dense structure, Granite not only looks great but is durable enough to last many years without needing to be replaced. It is virtually scratch resistant and requires low maintenance, needing only to be cleaned with warm water and soap, unlike wood worktops.

Not only is Granite a hard-wearing and easy to care for material but it also provides a distinctive look that can give your kitchen a modern and luxurious finish. 

Granite Worktop Suppliers & Colour Selection 

Granite worktops can help enhance your kitchen and provide a long-lasting and durable surface that can last a lifetime. Whether you prefer a speckled effect or a simple black, high gloss finish we will have a Granite that suits your needs.

Alternatively if you need some advice on which Granite work surfaces would work best in your home you can visit our showroom or contact our team of experts who will be able to provide you with professional help to make the decision. You can contact our team for a chat on 01642 509 999 or to see a selection of the Granites we hold at our Teesside factory why not visit our Granite Colours page?

Express 3 Day Delivery

Go Stone are also pleased to offer customers an express three day delivery service on all of our worktops. This delivery choice allows you to refresh your kitchen without delay which can be beneficial if you are undergoing a complete kitchen renovation and have other tradespeople to co-ordinate. 

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