Granite Worktops


Granite is extrusive rock formed from cooled magma. Granite surfaces offer a classic sheen look which offers a unique finish as the appearance of each slab can change due to natural granite not having a uniform patter or colour, because of granite’s natural origin, it has a unique colour and beauty.

Generally, granite is patterned with light minerals to offer a natural look for your worktops, it has a great resistance to heat and cold so it is perfect for almost any worktop.

Granite is also very dense and hard wearing which means it is not easily damaged and is very difficult to scratch (due to it being one of the hardest substances on earth making it very hard wearing), it is very durable and really easy to clean.

The design is very flexible and can be cut into a number of different shapes and sizes, so it will fit perfectly for your worktops.

We have one of the largest stock of granite worktops in the UK, which means we can offer our customers the best prices. For more information on prices and stock levels contact us.

The colours we offer are:

  • Premium black
  • Star galaxy
  • Steel grey
  • Uba tuba
  • Angola black
  • Cosmic black
  • Baltic brown
  • Suede brown
  • Crystal white (Kashmir white)
  • Banco antique
  • Blue pearl

Other colours are available for order, just contact us to find out more.


We offer a digital templating service, this makes it very quick to template your surfaces, and the systems we use are very accurate so it means when we come to fitting your worktops, you can rest assured the slabs will fit your tops perfectly.


Once all the granite is inside, each section is lifted into position on top of the base cabinets and carefully aligned. You realise how well the templates were made as each piece fit perfectly.

Once the sections are set, the next job is to seal the corner joints in the worktops. Each side of the joint is protected with a wide strip of masking tape and a resin is mixed up and ready for filling. The resin is applied to the joint with a filling knife. Spreading the resin is repeated several times to ensure there are no gaps and the joint is completely filled before removing the tape to reveal a very neat joint.

Now your joints are all set in place and you can see the amazing transformation the worktops do to your amazing new kitchen.



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