If you are considering giving your kitchen a makeover then Quartz may be the material you need to add luxury and radiance to your home. Available in a broad range of fashionable colours, Quartz can give you the perfect look for your kitchen by fitting in with the style of your existing - or new - cabinet, floor, backsplash and accent colours.

What is Quartz?

Quartz (quartz composite) is a man-made material which combines around 93% natural quartz crystals ground down and mixed with colour pigments and bonding agents such as resin and glass. The powder is pressed, heated and finally coloured to resemble a natural stone.

Why Choose Quartz as Your Worktop Material?

Due to its composition Quartz is an incredibly hard-wearing, non-porous and strong material. Its low absorption level makes it very hygienic which may be of particular importance if you have pets or small children. Better still, unlike certain wood finishes which require sanding or oiling on a regular basis and can be damaged by water, hot pans or strongly coloured food and drinks Quartz is virtually maintenance free. It can be sufficiently cleaned with warm water and soap and does not require impregnation (treatment with special sealant). Lastly, as it can last for many decades when properly maintained Quartz is a reliable alternative that provides great value for money. 

How Does Quartz Compare to Granite or Marble?

One of the main reasons you may opt for Quartz over Granite or Marble is due to the extensive selection of colours you can choose from. This is something our customers have shown time and time again to be an important aspect of in choosing their kitchen worktops. 

As there are no naturally pure white rocks (e.g. Granite) available, light shades of Quartz are particularly popular for those who want a brighter finish.

Silestone & Go Granite Quartz Worktop Suppliers

At Go Stone we source and supply both Silestone and Go Stone Quartz kitchen tops. To find out more and view our colour range you can visit the relevant pages for Silestone Quartz Workstops and Go Stone Quartz Worktops.

Alternatively if there is a specific work surface you are looking for why not contact our team? We have a large selection of worktop colours available to order and will be happy to discuss the options available to find the perfect solution for your kitchen.


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